Cherlyn Hayes is originally from Dallas, TX and currently resides in the DC metropolitan area. Aside from having a desire in understanding root causes of alopecia (hair loss), researching the latest medical treatments and natural remedies for the prevention of hair loss; she believes in creating balance in life by committing time to self-care love.

Meet Cherlyn

Cherlyn has experienced moments where priorities shifted and self-care was neglected, but continues on a path of growth, seeking higher knowledge and wisdom.  She feels that taking care of her physical, mental, and spiritual health all deserve equal attention as well as, remaining grounded by surrounding herself with positivity, developing true connections and healthy relationships.
She's into the latest beauty trends and when asked, she's enthusiastic to share this information with anyone. Without revealing her true age, some want to know what's the secret, and the answer is laugh, laugh, laugh, and don't take yourself so seriously. Cherlyn has a witty personality who finds laughter medicinal in keeping young and vibrant. As a pastime, she enjoys relaxing and watching entertaining movies, listening to 80’s and 90’s R&B, reading, taking nature walks, and traveling. Even though she's a foodie and grew up eating delicious southern home cooked cuisines; in late 2018, she adopted the Pescatarian lifestyle and prefers to incorporate seafood (mainly fish), plenty of water, fruit and vegetables.  

Cherlyn comes from humble beginnings while her mother raised her and two sisters.  She also comes from a rather large family with nieces, nephews, cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents (maternal and paternal deceased).  Her maternal grandparents stressed the importance of faith and family above all things.  Her maternal grandmother who was a proud college graduate from Grambling University and an educator encouraged a solid educational foundation to all her children and grandchildren with love.
Cherlyn holds a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University in Management Information Systems. A few years later, while working a full-time job, she pursued a master’s degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University.  She's worked in the Information Technology (IT) industry for many years at a top four consulting firm as an IT Project Manager with an active Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.
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