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Gliding through life with grace, focusing on radiating from within.

Our mission is dedicated to delivering premium natural, plant-based and clean hair care & beauty products; while offering various resources to anyone living with alopecia (hair loss), and encouraging healthier lifestyle choices with authenticity and sincerity.

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Thank you to all of the beautiful souls out there for visiting my site! I created Beauty Beyond the Crown years after my diagnoses with Hashimoto's (Hypothyroidism) and various forms of alopecia (hair loss).  I've discovered a passion in being an advocate for my own health and finding natural remedies to manage alopecia. 

My mission is to inspire women to find their inner beauty, peace, confidence, strength, and unique style while living with alopecia. Another goal is to provide a safe platform delivering pertinent information on alopecia, hair loss prevention, treatments, and hair care maintenance. Monthly, I'll share my favorite beauty products, beauty tips, and encourage healthy and stress-free lifestyle choices.

My heart goes out to anyone enduring this condition. I understand the struggle firsthand; however, it doesn’t have to consume your life. Be uniquely you, regardless if you decide to wear your hair natural, straightened, in a head wrap, a shaved head or a wig. You should be able to do so authentically without judgment. 

Wishing you many blessings on your hair journey with love, positivity and serenity!