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March 13, 2021

Top 36 Questions to Ask Before Having a Hair Transplant

In early 2018, I contemplated having a hair transplant surgery, but I had so many questions that ran through my head and I needed answers. 

I read several articles, reviews, and YouTube videos on the entire hair transplant procedure, but I knew I couldn’t make such an important decision without speaking with the cosmetic doctor who would perform the surgery. 

As I mentioned in My Alopecia (Hair Loss) Story, I found Dr. Matt Huebner at Natural Transplants in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

After watching his before and after videos, I knew he would be the one to perform the HUE (High-Yield Unit Extraction); in other words, FUT/strip transplant. 

I realized the time slotted for our initial call was approximately 30 minutes and the remaining questions I didn’t have the opportunity to ask. 

Hence, I was able to ask a surgery coordinator.  I compiled a list of questions to prepare for my video call with Dr. Huebner and hopefully, they’ll help you too.

Here are my top 36 Questions to ask before having a hair transplant.

36 Questions to Ask a Hair Transplant Doctor:

Questions About the Hair Transplant Doctor

  1. Do you perform only Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplants?
  2. Do you specialize in other cosmetic procedures?
  3. Are you board certified?  By which board?
  4. How many hair transplant surgeries have you performed in your career?  What is your success rate?
  5. How many of these surgeries were performed on black/African American women and men (wavy, curly, coarse, and coily hair)?

Pre-Operative/Medication/Surgery Questions for Hair Transplant

  1. Will I have enough donor hair for surgery?
  2. How many hairs or grafts will you need to perform the surgery?
  3. Are there any scalp exercises that I need to do to improve (elasticity) the amount of scalp you can remove to yield the best results (pertains to FUT surgery)?
  4. When will my hair start to grow?
  5. Will the results look completely natural?
  6. Will I need future hair transplants?
  7. Are there special preparations, such as tests or changes in my medication(s)?
  8. Are pain medications prescribed?
  9. Will I be able to take my normal medication(s) simultaneously with the pain medication?
  10. How long does the surgery take?
  11. Will I be under local anesthesia?
  12. What are the possible side effects?
  13. How long will it take for the suture to heal?
  14. When can I have the sutures removed (pertains to FUT surgery)?

Post-Operative Hair Transplant Questions

  1. Are there after-surgery instructions that I need to adhere to?
  2. What can I do to help with my recovery?
  3. In how many months will I be able to start using a texturizer, relaxer, etc. on my hair?
  4. When will I be able to return to my regular activities (e.g. work, lifting, exercising, driving)?
  5. Will I be able to wear a scarf around my head?
  6. When can I start to wear a wig to conceal the surgery?

Travel Questions

  1. Is there a travel incentive? If so, how much?
  2. Is it safe to travel alone after my surgery?
  3. Will I be able to travel the day after my surgery?
  4. How do I rest my head on the plane or in the car?

Pricing/Payment Questions

  1. How much is a deposit?
  2. What’s the overall cost of a hair transplant?
  3. How are the payments set up?
  4. Do you provide payment credit assistance?

Privacy Questions

  1. Will you take before and after photos? If so, will they be released to the public?
  2. Can we keep photos and videos private for your records only?
  3. Can I have a copy of any photos or videos for my records?

Next, read my 8 Quick Tips to Consider Before Having a Hair Transplant.

Did you find these questions listed in this article helpful?  If you enjoyed this article, share it with your family, friends, and colleagues!  Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  2. Thank you for sharing those questions. I feel that I have insight now into what I should be asking the doctor during my consultation. Do have any input you could provide regarding your experience with your hair transplant? I’m very concerned about the outcome of the procedure.

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